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PAUL VENTURA started painting in New York at the age of three after his mother told him not to play with her paints. Reverse psychology worked and he’s been painting ever since His earlier works have been described as “Andrew Wyeth themes done with Fuji Film”, and his colorful creations "capture the hopefulness of the CITY.” Paul has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from U.C. Davis. He earned a B.A. from Santa Clara University; has won numerous awards; has shown at numerous galleries including the Crocker Gallery in Sacramento; and many of his works are featured at the New Masters Gallery in Carmel, California.

Paul’s grandparents all came from Italy and he's proud to be related to Pre-Renaissance artist Giotto on his father’s side. "That's all my relatives would talk about when I was a kid! They'd hold impromptu contests to see who could draw a perfect freehand circle like Giotto did hundreds of years ago at the request of the Pope. Paul's grandfather won the award for Artist of the Year in Italy for his metal sculptures. His father was a rocket engineer who helped design the engines that got us to the moon, and got us off the moon, and also worked on the Space Shuttle design. Paul's mother was an accomplished artist, and he often feels that the inspiration of his relatives are part of every creation and explores the organized structure of his Dad mixed with the whimsical freedom of his Mom.

Whether painting people or buildings, he displays a deceptive simplicity beneath each piece with his use of light and shadow, lush textures and vibrant colors. The former Director of the Monterey Art Museum has said, "Just like when you look at a Wayne Thiebaud painting, when you see a Paul Ventura, you want to reach out and eat it!" After hearing that, Paul suggested that napkins be supplied at his next art show...